The Art Of Creative Fabrication


We’re not just about machines, we keep ourselves sane by seeking unusual fabrication projects. We balance out our emergency call plant maintenance lifestyle by taking on unique projects in our shop. We can provide cost effective building services by putting lower priority projects in our shop for when our clients machines are happily humming along without us.

We build public art sculptures with full engineering certifications and insurance (both static and kinetic pieces), wacky motion rigs and shock absorbing camera mounts for film, entertainment and all sorts of off the wall building projects keep us happy.

We take our knowledge of building machines that last decades of full time industrial use, and provide you with reliable solutions for your unique project. Our experience covers everything industrial food equipment all the way to large scale sawmill equipment. If you need us to hurl around multi ton objects in your larger than life piece? No problem. Intricate stainless steel kinetic sculpture for the front window of your store? Sure! We can bring you the attention you deserve, and do so while keeping the insurance company happy. Outdoor motion pieces and fountains that need to handle rain and moisture are our specialty.

Fire and flame effects:
We are experienced with professional flame effects and run a small team of pyrotechnicians and industrial artists who specialize in industrial, rusty and angry. With our licensed gas fitter, we can incorporate safe and reliable fire into art pieces, signs and other toys. We have built many pieces including a computer controlled propane piano with custom flaming propane steam whistles of our own design. If you want to push a button to lob a 30′ fireball in the air all night long at your event, wedding or film, contact us for more information. We have quite an extensive inventory of pyrotechnic equipment on standby.