Complete Industrial Maintenance Solutions.
Not quite large enough to justify paying a millwright to stand around most of the time? We’ve got you covered, and we put our regular clients first.

We are a small, mobile team of Millwrights and Gas fitters. We aren’t some large maintenance company that will send a different guy every time. We get to know your facility inside and out. We focus on building long standing relationships with a small number of clients, replacing an in house maintenance team and all the costs that go with it. Ever calculate what your maintenance department actually costs you? Labor, benefits , WCB claims, square footage for your shop, tools and equipment, vacation replacements, bringing in outside help anyways when a repair is beyond what your guy can handle, even the costs of simply managing your maintenance department.

Think Industrial provides complete plant services from preventative maintenance planning and consulting to routine maintenance and extensive machine customization services.

No parts available or back ordered ? No problem, we’ll make you the parts. Machine obsolete? Nope. We can modernize your machine, make it run faster, quieter and most of important, more reliable. We specialize in updating machines with poorly engineered and expensive to replace parts. We can modify many machines to accept standard industrial parts so you’re not held hostage by one manufacturer.

We are not your conventional maintenance guys. We take on creative and unique projects including large scale public art fabrications and wacky machines for film/entertainment that require many hours of in house tinkering. We schedule our lives so that we can generally drop the project we are doing in the shop when you go down and need emergency service. We keep ourselves busy when your maintenance guy would be reading the newspaper.